Get Your Learner License


If you are a minum age of 16 years old, you are eligible sit a written test to get your Queensland Learners Licence.

Where do I go for my written test?

You will need to attend a Queensland Transport Department Office.

If you live in a rural location you may be able to attend your local police station.

For further information about getting your Learners Licence?

Call 1300 793 284 or visit Transport & Main Roads' Young Drivers laws.

What forms do I need to bring?

You will need a Application for Driving Licence Form from the Department of Transport.

Do not sign the form until asked to do so when you lodge this personally at a Department of Transport Office.

Do I need any other documentation eg Birth certificate etc?

Yes, you must prove who you are and where you currently live. You should provide some of the following documentation;

  • A Primary document (for example a birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate).
  • A Secondary document (for example a bank or credit card with a signature).
  • Proof of residency (for example a paid service account - rates, electricity or telephone - showing your name and address).
  • At least one Primary or Secondary document must include a signature.

What will I be asked in the test and what type of test is it?

You will be asked questions relating to;

  • Get-Your-Learner-License-350Drink Driving Laws
  • General Driving
  • School Zones & Crossings
  • Hazardous Situations
  • Parking
  • First Aid & Accidents

There are two parts to the test. They cover the following;

  • There are 30 questions in the general road rules test.
  • The questions have multiple choice answers -
  • Each question has a number of possible answers and you must mark the correct one.

The test has two main sections.

  • In Section 1, you must correctly answer nine out of the 10 questions.
  • In Section 2, you must correctly answer 18 out of the 20 questions.

What does it cost?

  • Currently Queensland Transport charges $20.80 each time you attempt the Learners Licence Test.
  • A Learners licence will only be issued on passing the test.
  • Queensland Transport charges $144.75 for a 3 year Learners licence.
  • A Learners licence is valid for 3 years.

What happens if I fail my test?

Try again at least one day later ! You can sit for the test once only, on any given day.

What can I do to help me prepare for the test?

'Your keys to driving in Queensland' is a book you can buy at Queensland Transport customer service centres and newsagents. This guide provides information about driving on Queensland roads.

Further information can be accessed on the Transport and Main Roads website.

Online Mock Exam

Practice your exam by completing an online mock exam.

Now that I have my learners permit, what are my obligations?

  • You are able to drive a motor vehicle on the road providing you are with someone who has held an open licence for that class of vehicle for at least one year.
  • Your learner licence is valid for 3 years and you must adhere to the conditions specified for that licence.
  • You are only allowed to drive the type of vehicle specified on your licence.
  • You MUST keep the licence with you at all times when you drive. You MUST show it to a police officer if requested.
  • You MUST by law to display L Plates on the front and rear of the vehicle in a clearly visible location.
  • If you place L Plates on the windows of the vehicle, be careful not to restrict your vision or you could be breaking the law.